It’s been so long since I did any kind of geek blogging I figure it’s time I lived up to my name again.

I’ve taken to running Logstash and Elasticsearch as a centralized logging engine.  I’ve been doing so for over a year now.  The cluster I created and managed for my company was indexing over 16,000 records per second during the busiest time of day.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put some useful data here for my fellow Logstash users.

I also did a lot of work with Zabbix for my company, plus consulted for another company on the side.  I’ll have to put some of those details here for anyone interested.

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4 Responses to Time to geek blog about Logstash and Zabbix again

  1. Justin says:

    I’m interested in both platforms (ZABBIX and Logstash). Please share more, including any coordination between the two.

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