The Zabbix Grab-Bag

I finally created a repository on GitHub for all of my Zabbix scripts (or, if you want to go directly to the repository:

This is the culmination of a dream that started a few years ago. I wanted a way to share my scripts in a way that others would be able to both use and improve them. GitHub is the chosen vessel.

Rather than making this a true project, I envision it as more of a “grab-bag” of projects/scripts/templates from myself and others. And you should be able to license your own scripts however you want, too.

So check it out! Contribute! Let’s make Zabbix even more awesome!

4 thoughts on “The Zabbix Grab-Bag

  1. swkide says:


    thx for this nice work!
    Too bad, that the elasticsearch xml template can be
    imported in Zabbix 1.8.11 but is not showing up anywhere 😦
    Any ideas Perhaps?


  2. Aaron says:

    I wish it were simple, but there is so much change between 1.8 and 2.0. They added host interface dependencies on items and a lot of other things. You may be able to simply read the XML and re-create.

    • sumit says:

      hello sir,
      actually m following your templates but still failed to monitor ES, m confused where & ESzabbix.userparm is going to insert, at zabbix server or at elasticsearch machine ?

      • Aaron says:

        Part of the problem is that the script & template are based on a past version of the Elasticsearch API. The recent changes break this. I have not taken the time to chase this down and try to fix it. It is a lot of work.

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